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Creative Homeschool Art Teacher and Visual Arts Mentor


With a passion for nurturing creativity and a background in fine arts, I bring over 10 years of experience as a homeschool art educator in Texas. My journey is defined by a commitment to cultivating a deep appreciation for visual arts and fostering self-expression through a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, and mixed media. By integrating art history, technique development, and portfolio building into my curriculum, I prepare students for future academic pursuits and careers in the arts. I believe in the transformative power of artistic exploration and cultural appreciation, encouraging students to explore their unique creative voice and engage critically with diverse artistic traditions. My educational background includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art from the University of Houston, where I honed my skills as both an artist and an educator. Through personalized instruction that adapts to each student’s strengths and interests, I strive to inspire a lifelong passion for artistic discovery and innovation.


Bachelor of Science in Biology Education from University of Texas at Austin


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