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We provide custom homeschool tutors, curriculum support, and personalized service throughout your homeschool plan. 

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328 Homeschool Tutors Available

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How our Award Winning Homeschool Tutoring Works

A decade of expertise has led us to develop a cutting-edge approach to homeschooling, incorporating personalized tutoring services.

Consult with Our Education Specialists

Consult with our education specialists to learn more about your student’s needs, gather your personal instructor preferences, and share more about how we can customize a curriculum and plan around your child’s learning style to move forward as efficiently as possible.

Select your Homeschool Tutor

Upon enrollment, our client relations team will diligently coordinate with all of our local homeschool tutor candidates to compile a list of everyone fitting your preferences and availability. You can specify your preferences for an ideal instructor, including personality, qualifications, qualities, teaching styles, and any characteristic you’re looking for. Our rigorous 30-day assignment process allows you to select the right fit. Our instructors hold bachelor's degrees, clear background checks, and a track record of excellence.

Custom Curriculum

While selecting your tutor, our education specialists will help you identify and select your curriculum of choice based on the subjects, grade levels, and skills you want your child to learn. Of course, we will also ensure strict compliance with state regulations. Our adaptable homeschool teachers can align with any curriculum. Some programs include Bridgeway academy, IXL, Connections Academy, Laurel Springs School, etc. Remember, the teacher's role is paramount in bringing the curriculum to life!

Our Vision Is To Bring a Safe School To Every Home.

Select the tutor you want to instruct, the curriculum you want to teach, and let your child learn freely at their own pace.

Homeschool Tutoring Benefits

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Maximize homeschooling with personalized homeschool tutoring. Get tailored support for academic excellence and critical thinking.

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Personalized Learning

Personalized attention and customized learning plans.

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Flexible Scheduling

Flexible scheduling to accommodate individual needs.

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Private Tutors

One-on-one instruction fosters deeper understanding and engagement.

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Safety First

Safe and comfortable learning environment conducive to student success.

Our Programs

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Monthly Homeschool Plan

Students usually engage with their homeschool tutors for 4-5 hours daily. We’ll craft your personalized match, provide curriculum assistance, and offer convenient pay-as-you-go options.

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Semester Homeschool Plan

Maximize savings and secure your tutor’s dedicated commitment with our semester plan, offering between 200-450 hours, tailored to individual student needs. Benefit from a custom match, comprehensive curriculum support, and effortless state requirement fulfillment.

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Annual Homeschool Plan

Optimize savings and secure your tutor for the entire school year with our annual plan, ensuring peace of mind. With the freedom to interview and select your preferred candidate, we take care of all the administrative details, leaving you to focus solely on your child’s education

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Our Trusted Homeschool Tutoring Partners

We collaborate with outstanding homeschool providers nationwide, ensuring we can meet all state compliance requirements and any personalized preference you may have.

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Get started with a free consultation with one of our homeschool tutoring specialists today.

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300+ Available Homeschool Tutors!

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