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I’m Jackson Moore, your go-to homeschool guru with a decade of tutoring expertise tucked under my belt. From coast to coast, I’ve helped students unlock their potential and conquer academic challenges with finesse. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard University, I bring a unique blend of intellect and charisma to the homeschooling arena.


When I’m not busy shaping young minds, you can bet I’m out on the links, honing my golf game with dedication and drive. There’s something about the crisp crack of the club meeting the ball that just speaks to me – it’s a metaphor for the precision and skill I bring to my tutoring sessions.


But wait, there’s more to me than just academics and athletics. I’ve got a flair for the dramatic too! Whether I’m gracing the stage in a local theater production or cracking jokes at an open mic night, I thrive on the energy of performance. And let me tell you, that energy carries over into my tutoring sessions, injecting a dose of excitement and enthusiasm into every lesson.


So if you’re looking for a homeschool tutor who’s equal parts brains, brawn, and entertainment, look no further than yours truly, Jackson Moore. With my winning combination of expertise and charm, I’ll have your student soaring to new academic heights in no time.

Hey, I’m Jackson Moore, and I’ve spent a decade igniting excellence in homeschooling. With a Harvard education, I bring dynamic strategies to empower your child’s learning journey. Let’s make homeschooling a thrilling adventure together!


Harvard University | Bachelor’s in Education


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